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The One-Tap-Scan™ App

Scanning documents used to be a boring and tedious task. Now, with Scantastic for iPhone, it is easy and quick (and maybe even a pleasure), not only for accountants—or as we say: it’s absolutely scantastic!

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Scantastic allows scanning and sharing documents with just one tap. There are plenty of situations when you may need a digital copy of a paper document: when filling out insurance forms, signing contracts, writing cheques, answering questionnaires, doing expenses, …



  • Turn anything printed into a PDF: letters, invoices, receipts, certificates, contracts, forms, newspaper articles, sketches, illustrations and more. You name it—Scantastic scans it!
  • Create multi-page PDFs
  • Better readability than a photo through adjustable threshold filtering
  • Automatic or manual export to Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive
  • Share scans via e-mail, AirDrop, Facebook or Twitter
  • Re-crop and edit your documents at any time
  • Compatible with almost all international paper formats (from A4 to US letter to ISO C9)
  • It is so iOS 7, it feels almost like iOS 8
  • Helvetica? Nope. Brandon Text FTW!
  • The most beautiful document scanning app we’ve ever seen. Ever!
  • Available in English and German (more localizations coming soon)


Scantastic is beautifully simple and has just the right number of powerful features. We have automated everything that could be automated. The large previews and high data density make finding documents quick and easy. Scans can be shared as multi-page PDFs via e-mail and may even be automatically uploaded to Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive.


Smart framing: Use our border detection algorithms. Or save time and use our simple format template during the scan. Works for A4, Letter, Legal and 38 other international paper formats.

Straight to the point: When you’ve scanned the document with one tap, Scantastic won’t annoy you with endless confirmation prompts. If you like, Scantastic automatically uploads your scan as PDF to your Dropbox etc.

At a glance: The overview shows all your scans as large as possible. This makes it easy to find the document you are looking for. With the big scan button, you can trigger a new scan at any time!

Adjustable forever: You can change the color mode and crop the image at any time. Even years after you scanned the document, Scantastic will allow you to completely re-crop and re-edit the scan.

Scan it your way: Set up the various defaults to best fit your preferences. The paper format automatically adjust to your local standard (A4 or Letter or even Japanese special formats). And you can auto-export to the cloud storage of your choice.

Export it anywhere: Do whatever you want with your scan: e-mail a PDF, post a JPG on Facebook and Twitter, save to your Camera Roll and upload it to Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive.


Scantastic completely changed the way I scan. I used to have one of those flatbed scanners—now all I need is my phone. That’s scantastic!
— Tobias Ottenweller
I am so in love with Scantastic. Is it legal to marry an app in Canada?
— Karen Hentschel
The design goes one step beyond the typical iOS 7 app. The triangle as a design element is as versatile as it is timeless.
— Timm Kekeritz
Sometimes I just scan stuff to make it scantastic.
— Richard Reif
Everyone is talking about the next level of iOS app design. Raureif just got to it, with Scantastic.
— Jana Kühl
First EcoChallenge, then Partly Cloudy, and now Scantastic. Raureif is an App Store powerhouse.
— Peter Sekan
Scantastic lets me scan my receipts and invoices with just one tap. One tap! How much less can you want?
— Frank Rausch
Scantastic opened my eyes: paper really is so yesteryear.
— Nancy-Michelle Pompetzki