Privacy Policy

Long story short: We will do everything to protect your personal information and to keep you in control. We do not collect personal data for profit. We do not trade visitor data or user data. We do not pass on any personal information to third parties. We do analyze and store minimal, anonymized user data to understand how people use our digital products so we can steadily improve our offerings.

Our Apps

Our iOS apps may use technologies provided by Apple, such as map and location services, crash reports, in-app purchases. Find out more about Apple’s privacy policy.

Partly Cloudy gets weather data from two providers and from a geolocation database. More information:

Our Wikipedia apps exclusively use Wikipedia’s official API. Find out more about Wikipedia’s privacy policy here.

Our apps submit only the bare minimum of required data to use the aforementioned services.

Our Websites

Our websites use Matomo, a web analytics open-source software. Matomo uses cookies (text files placed on your computer and managed by your browser), to analyze how you browse the site. The fully anonymized information about your use of the website (including your anonymized IP address) will be stored on the server of our web service provider Host Europe in Germany. You can prevent the placement of tracking cookies by activating the Do Not Track setting in your browser—or use this setting to disable tracking for this site in this browser:

See also: Full privacy statement in German [Datenschutzerklärung]